Brooksbank Valves


In Brief


3 x Windhager BioWin Excel 60kW in a cascade system

Fuel Type

Wood Pellett

System Specification

3 x Biomass boilers supplying heat to the factory using blow heaters and heat and hot water to the offices


Potential of £15,000 per year for 20 years under the non-domestic RHI scheme

In Summary

Brooksbank Valves a North Yorkshire based company approached Greenguru Northeast with a requirement for a heating and hot water system for their new 2,500m² manufacturing facility.  The required heat demand was calculated, after which Greenguru Northeast installed a 180kW Bio-Cabin Unit which was constructed at Greenguru’s workshops and then transported to site.

The cabin consisted of 3 x 60kw Windhager biomass boilers, buffer vessels, all ancillaries and pellet store.  The cabin was placed in Brooksbank’s grounds, the rear of the cabin placed against an external wall of the workshop. 

Pipework was run from the plant room into the building, where all pipework and 6 roof mounted Sabiana 25kw blow heaters were installed to provide warehouse heating.  Additional pipework and radiators were then installed to allow for heating and hot water to their office area.

The warehouse and offices had no former heating or hot water, available options were discussed with the management team at Brooksbank Valves, who decided the best investment to them would be to install a biomass heating system. The installation was self-financed by Brooksbank Valves, allowing them to gain full advantage of the RHI payments and fuel savings for 20 years, with a payback on investment of 5 years.

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