Cairn Hotel, Harrogate


In Brief


2x350 kw catfire boilers in a cascade system

Fuel Type

Wood Pellett

System Specification

Supplying heat and hot water to a 120 bedroom hotel


Potential of £40,000 per year

In Summary

Choosing biomass heating will help this Hotel complex generate a valuable additional income and protect against potential fossil fuel price rises.

The Cairn hotel in Harrogate was our final installation of biomass for the Strathmore Hotel group The first obstacle was obtaining planning permission with the hotel been in the centre of Harrogate. Our Team went to work on this and all issues were dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

Once planning was approved our engineers installed a 700kw biomass system within an outbuilding adjacent the hotel.we then ran underground thermal pipe underground in a trench To the existing heating system where connections were made with the provision of plate heat exchangers.The outcome was a hotel that was heated from 700kw of biomass, utilising the existing system as a back up should it ever be required.

The hotel will receive government incentives for the next twenty years.

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