Our work with CATfire Renove

Company Profile
  • CATFire have been producing high quality boilers for over 15 years
  • Pioneers in the development of wood pellet boilers
  • Unrivalled experience with the manufacture of commercial biomass.
  • Our boilers are exported across the world and we work closely with international partners.
  • Manufacturing facilities in mainland Europe and the USA.
  • Hamont CATFire are now a subsidiary of the Vanek engineering group with state of the art production facilities.
  • All our boilers have been tested and accredited with EN303-5.
  • The manufacturing facility has beenISO9001 accredited since 2008.
  • The boiler ranges are also UK Clean Air Exempt, and compatible with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) emission regulations.
Company Profile

CATFire takes on-going support seriously and have a fully stocked warehouse ready for immediate dispatch. Due to the high quality of the components within our boilers, the life expectancy of the units should easily exceed 20 years as long as the appliances are serviced regularly. CATFire engineers and our international partners are fully trained in all aspects of the boilers and are able to assist with design, service, and repair.