Air Source Heat Pump

Free heating and hot water to your premises

What is Air Source Heat Pump?

Air source heat pumps are positioned outside, adjacent to the building, and have a fan that draws in outdoor air over a large heat exchanger which harnesses the heat energy in the air, even when temperatures are below zero.
The captured energy is then transferred to the refrigerant, triggering the refrigeration cycle.

Air source heat pumps usually consist of the external unit and an internal unit where hot water is stored and housing the controller and circulation pumps.


The overall efficiency of Air Source Heat Pump can provide you significant energy savings.

Significant Energy Savings

Significant energy saving due to high efficiency.

Renewable Heat Incentive

Attracts the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for a 20 year income stream.

Convenient and Reliable

A long-lasting durable product which is proven to be reliable.

Let us help you with any questions.

At Greenguru we understand that different properties and clients may have different requirements for their heat pump installation. 

Therefore, we are able to provide a range of air source heat pump systems to best suit you. Not sure which type of system is the best suited? Our experienced engineers will be able to provide expert advice on the best solution to meet your needs. 

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