Energy Management

Working alongside you to reduce your overall energy consumption

What is Energy Management?

Greenguru NE work with clients to reduce their overall energy consumption by developing an action plan based on their specific priorities and requirements.

Clients who utilise Greenguru’s expertise for our renewable solution will receive many of the services detailed below as a value added if the client decides to utilities the service, and begin a project.

Energy Surveys and Audits

Greenguru can help you achieve dramatic reductions in your energy consumption. The first stage in this process is to undertake an investigation of your premises which can range from a short survey through to an in-depth investment grade audit.

We can very often find savings in excess of 20% from our investigations, and these will be a mixture of no and low cost options, up to savings requiring capital expenditure.

Monitoring & Targeting Software

Our monitoring and targeting (M&T) software will give you your consumption data in a day by day format, meaning you have your energy data at your fingertips. This is a great tool to help you manage and measure your consumption. Using a web based portal you can access it anywhere with an internet connection. By having our data Real time, it gives you the information quicker than most, as some companies use ‘AMR’ data from the supplier, which is usually only available month by month, making it hard to determine exactly what happened on a specific day. Along with our fiscal meter M & T we also can go down to sub metering for any larger sites who wish to know what specific areas are consuming.

Greenguru will install meters and loggers in your premises, along with data transmission systems to allow us to see your energy consumption in real time. This system will enable the user to:

Remote Energy Manager

Many sites and organisations do not have the time, resource or skill set to manage energy. In order to enable sites to undertake this vital function, Greenguru has developed the Remote Energy Manager Service.

This will utilise the data received by monitoring and targeting system, and produce monthly reports to the end user identifying and quantifying all consumption within the month.

This will compare consumption with previous periods, identify any anomalies and possible reasons, and indicate how the site is operating according to any pre-set targets.

Part Time Energy Manager

An extension of the Remote Energy Manager service, the part time energy manager will provide your organisation with all the skill and cost saving opportunities an Energy Manager provides, but without having to employ one. Typically, an organisation will purchase a ‘block’ of time, for example 12-24 days per annum, and the Energy Manager will use this time, along with the data provided from the monitoring and targeting system, for:

To summarise, a Part Time Energy Manager will ensure an organisation can manage its energy consumption, rather than accept it as a fixed cost that they have no control over.

EPC - Energy Performance Certificates

Energy Performance Certificates are a legal requirement under the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations for any building constructed, sold or let after 2008 in the UK. 

We offer a nationwide EPC service for our clients. Domestic and commercial Energy Performance Certificates inform prospective buyers or tenants about the energy performance of a building so it can be considered as part of their investment. 

The EPC will provide an energy rating from A-G and is based on the energy performance potential of the property (fabrics) and its services (heating, ventilation, lighting). All domestic and commercial EPCs must be produced by an accredited Energy Assessor and are accompanied by a Recommendation Report, which will highlight measures to enhance the buildings energy performance. 

EPCs are valid for a 10-year period and there are financial penalties in place for non-compliance. They are invaluable for showing areas where savings can be made. Get in touch with us and we will be able to help with any certificates


Greenguru can assist you with any compliance related measures such as ESOS, EU ETS, Climate Change Agreements and the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

TM44 Inspection of Air Conditioning Systems

We provide a nationwide Air Conditioning Inspection service following the TM44 inspection guidelines. So, if you require an air conditioning survey then please contact us.

Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2002 is a European Directive which was designed to focus the minds of members of the EU towards meeting their obligations to reduce carbon emissions and promote energy efficiency. This directive was implemented into UK legislation in the form of the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations 2007. Greenguru will look at your business sector and identify if you need to comply with, and undertake compliance services for: air conditioning inspections, Energy Performance Certificates and Display Energy Certificates.

Our reports can save you money

Our inspections are carried out following the TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection guidelines. You will be provided with information regarding the efficiency of the air-conditioning systems that you control, together with advice on how the energy efficiency or effectiveness of these systems could be improved. Improving the efficiency of your system will allow you to save money in the long run by reducing your air-conditioning costs as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

Penalties for not having an Air Conditioning Inspection report

Local authorities are responsible for enforcing the requirements relating to Air Conditioning Inspection reports. The failure to commission, keep, or provide an Air Conditioning Inspection report when required by the Regulations means you may be issued with a penalty charge notice.

What systems require air-conditioning inspection?

All air conditioning systems with an effective rated output of more than 12kW must be inspected by an Accredited Air Conditioning Inspector and certificates must be produced via CLG software report production tool for mandatory lodgement on the Government Landmark Database.

Do you need an air condition inspection?

All air conditioning systems with an effective rated output of more than 12kw must be regularly inspected by a Non-Domestic Energy Assessor (NDEA). The regulations require the first inspection of the affected air conditioning systems to be carried out for:

Carbon Offsetting / Carbon Foot printing / Sustainability

Here at Greenguru we will calculate how many tonnes of CO2 your business will use during the term of your contract with us. This will help calculate how many carbon credits you need to be purchase to offset against that figure – making your business Carbon Neutral! We can assist with purchasing carbon offsets from certified sources.

Energy Project Management Services

Identification of Projects

Greenguru will identify energy saving projects as part of the audit process, Also, if an organisation is looking to upgrade or change and part of a building or process, Greenguru can identify and ensure the most energy efficient options are chosen.

Project Management

Greenguru can undertake complete turnkey project management services, from writing functional design specifications, through managing a tender process to management of complete end-to-end process.

Energy Related Training

GASG can provide bespoke energy related training to your staff to help them understand the importance of energy efficiency. 

Generally training can be provided on two levels, the first a general course for all employees on energy use, how it affects the cost of running your business and the effect on the environment. A second, more detailed training is suitable for Energy Champions and is more detailed in order to give staff the skills and knowledge to manage energy effectively.

Bill Validation

Greenguru bill validation provides a detailed review of your utility bills received for the electricity, gas and water across individual supplies.

The review is a repeatable solution, aiming to maintain a correct record of your utility costs and guarantee any potential errors made by suppliers are identified and amended. Our experienced team of Energy Managers ensure that the charges on your invoices have been validated and that definite billing errors are quickly highlighted and resolved.

Finance Options Available

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  • Government funding options are also avalible to help projects.
  • You don't have to use your own capital.
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