Golden Sands Holiday Park


In Brief


2x 499kW Herz Boilers in a cascade system

Fuel Type

Wood Pellett

System Specification

Supplying heat and hot water to the swimming pool, clubhouse and all apartment blocks


Potential of up to £35,000 RHI per annum

In Summary

Golden sands holiday park decided to install biomass as an alternative fuel to the LPG and electricity used for heating the swimming pool, clubhouse, and apartment blocks. The benefits of this was a more efficient ,cost reduced energy heating system with the added bonus of the government backed renewable heating incentive paid for twenty years.

Once Greenguru NE were awarded the contract, planning was then applied for by ourselves on behalf of the client. This was monitored from application to acceptance ,whereupon a schedule of work was drawn up and work commenced on site.

The work itself was carried out in two parts the first been the installation of the new biomass system within an onsite existing maintenance building supplying heat and hot water to the swimming pool and office buildings. The second part of the installation been a little more complex, with over seven hundred metres of trench been excavated and underground thermal pipe been laid to each individual apartment block connecting to the existing system for heating, and retrofitting to the existing electric hot water system.

The Biomass system itself was installed in a prepared building on site and consisted of 2x 499kw herz pellet boilers 8000 litres of buffer vessels and all ancillaries. A steel fabricated 20 tonne pellet hopper was constructed externally to the building feeding the boilers with pellets automatically as and when required.

Underground thermal pipe then ran to the swimming pool plant room where a plate heat exchanger and pipework was installed to connect the biomass to the existing system. The biomass was also connected to the office and managers flat. The second phase included the works to the apartment blocks. The result of installing the biomass to the park were immediate with savings in fuel costs, more efficient heating and the reassurance of a twenty year government incentive.

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