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What are Meter Installations?

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We can assist businesses on new supply installations and sub-meters for electricity, gas and water.

We are able to offer our commercial and domestic clients a price for a meter and kiosk to be fitted on site. This maybe moving a current supply, upgrading a gas, power or water supply that is already in place. We also orginase new connections or submeters which ever maybe required.

We plan bespoke metering solutions to meet the distinct specifications of your job whether it’s domestic, commercial or trade. Projects of this nature need detailed and multifaceted design and preparation solutions, so we will arrange quotations and dates to get the work done.

We typically start with a full site investigation and work closely with you to make sure you get a solution that’s not just simply right for you, but will be supplied on budget and on time.

What is Submetering?

Submetering is the installation of metering devices with the ability to measure energy usage after the primary utility meter. Submetering offers the ability to monitor energy usage for individual tenants, departments, pieces of equipment or other loads individually to account for their actual energy usage. With submetering, a clear and accurate picture of how and when energy is being consumed inside a facility is created.

Submeters are physical metering devices that monitor electricity, gas, water and other utilities. Utilities sell services and use utility grade meters to gather this information; submeters mirror this data collection for companies that install them. Submetering provides facility managers with the measurement capability to better control energy usage in a building.

Electric Submeter

  • The same below practice is available for electric sub meters, you are able to even drill down to each individual circuit if required in some circumstances.

Electric submeter

Gas Submeter

  • The same below practice is available for sub electricity meters, you are able to even drill down to each individual circuit if required in some circumstances.

Gas submeter

Monitoring and Targeting Systems

Greenguru are able to assist you with installing a monitoring and targeting (M&T) system onto the main meters of your site. M&T is a method to capture, analyse and report on half hourly data in real time for both gas and electricity. An M&T system will enable you to:

Greenguru can arrange for data from the main meters to be transmitted via the most appropriate method to our web-based M&T solution. If meters are not ‘smart’ meters with data transmission capabilities, Greenguru will arrange modifications to the meters to give this functionality. You will then be able to view your consumption data from any web browser.

As part of the package you can arrange for Greenguru to monitor your consumption, and produce a monthly/quarterly summary report detailing consumption totals and patterns, comparison with previous time periods and identify any anomalies present. Greenguru can also provide a more pro-active service which will highlight any consumption anomalies to the user within one working day of the occurrence, to allow immediate investigations to be undertaken.

If this is a service you are interested in enquire today to get the best M&T solution for your business requirements.

Gas Submeter in Practise

The same below procedure is applicable to electricity sub meters.

Gas submeter in practise

Finance Options Available

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  • Government funding options are also avalible to help projects.
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