Oban Royal Hotel


In Brief


6 x Windhager BioWin Excel 60kW in a cascade system

Fuel Type

Wood Pellett

System Specification

360kW Biomass boiler system supplying heat and hot water to the 91 bedroom hotel


Potential of £49,000 per year for 20 years under the non-domestic RHI scheme

In Summary

Greenguru Northeast installed a 360kW biomass heating system in the Royal Hotel in Oban. The hotel’s old and inefficient system was in need of a total upgrade, after consultation the client decided to install the biomass system through a no upfront cost arrangement, utilising one of Greenguru’s finance partners. 

This allowed for the brand new and much needed biomass system to be installed and at the same time the client received the advantage of RHI payback for a 20 year period. The new system is housed in an old large indoor customer car park, 6 x 60kW Windhager biomass boilers, buffer vessels and all ancillaries were installed in the area. 

Six flues run vertically through the roof to approximately 2.5 metres above roof height, a steel pellet store was constructed by Greenguru 10m x 2.5m x 3.5m in the garage area to feed the 6 boiler units.  Pipework runs 30 metres from the new plant room to the existing plant room where the flow and return pipework interface through 2 x 180kw plate heat exchangers.  The client now has a highly efficient renewable heating system with the benefit of a 20 year RHI return of approximately £980k.

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