Salutation Hotel, Perth


In Brief


6 x Windhager BioWin Excel 60kW in a cascade system

Fuel Type

Wood Pellett

System Specification

360kW Biomass boiler system supplying heat and hot water to the 84 bedroom  hotel


Potential of £44,000 per year for 20 years under the non-domestic RHI scheme

In Summary

Greenguru Northeast supplied and installed a 360kw biomass boiler system to the Salutation Hotel in Perth. The hotel being the oldest hotel in Scotland created problems from an installation point of view. 

There were no external grounds available to house a bio-cabin, this required us to identify internal space to house it, the old laundry room on the ground floor was converted to house the plant and pellet store. 

However to take the load bearing weight of 6 x 60kW Windhager boilers, 2 x 2000 litre buffer vessels and a 16 tonne pellet store, the wooden floor was removed and the foundations reinforced before the floor was re-laid. 

It wasn’t feasible to install 1 flue per boiler because of limited access to the roof, therefore 2 flues were installed, connecting 3 boilers to each flue. The expected RHI returns are £880k over a 20 year period with an estimated payback period of 7years on investment.

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