Water Management

A range of water resources available to help save your business time and money

What is Water Management?

Everyone in the water industry is talking about water deregulation in England this year. But what does it mean for your business? Water deregulation in the UK is about removing barriers to competition and opening up the water retail market for non-domestic customers. This means that business in both England and Scotland will be able to shop around and choose their water supplier. You no longer have to be tied down to your local supplier charging you what they feel like, now the power is in your hands as to who supply’s your business.
Scotland became the first country in the world to deregulate its water market for non-domestic customers back in 2008. 

England followed in Scotland’s footsteps on 1st April 2017 giving businesses, charities and public sector organisations in England the same freedom to choose their water supplier. However, the savings margins are not as great as Scotland. At current with the market just opening the largest savings to be made are not coming from the water supply contracts. They are coming from overcharging or miscalculations on waste water and trade effluent charges.  

On average, each customer who has paid us to complete a full water audit, has gained savings or claw-backs from suppliers of around £8000 going back over last six years Enquire today to see what your local supplier has been holding back from you.


In addition to be able to switch your water supplier, see below the benefits.

Cost Savings

Guaranteed saving on customer service charges and your water rates.

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Alongside this we will also negotiate you a new waste water / Trade effluent agreement to save your organisation money straight away. Don’t be fooled by other water advises promising you the earth, unfortunately the price of the incoming wholesale water what you will see on your bill is not changing. This is estimated to be negotiated in 2020 (nothing 100% confirmed).

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One Supplier

The same supplier across all sites, guaranteed!

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Let’s say you have 5 different sites, in 5 different parts of England. At the moment, you’ll get 5 separate bills, each of which is from a different supplier that you didn’t choose, giving you a level of service that you’re stuck with, and with no opportunity to change. Post 1st April 2017, it’s you that’s in control. You can move all of your sites to a single supplier of your choosing, simplifying every part of your water supply management. Making one monthly/quarterly bill for 5-50 sites.

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We'll do the hard work

Remove the hassle of in-house water procurement

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Once you’ve decided which deal is best for you, we’ll process your new contracts and let you get back to doing what you do best running your own organisation. The contract terms for your water procurement range from 12 months up to 36 months, the decision is totally down to yourself we will only advise you with our impartial knowledge on the market. Also, water contracts are not like any other utility contract as you can get out of most contracts as and when you please, bearing in mind they maybe slight plenty’s or savings needing to be paid back. We will never advise you to leave a legal binding contract if it’s the best your business.

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Water Monitoring and Target Analysis

Once the sub metering/AMR meter is in place, the second step to energy/water monitoring and targeting is collecting the consumption data and sending it to an energy/water monitoring and targeting (M&T) software package. To be able to reap the benefits from energy/water monitoring and targeting, the consumption data needs to be constantly monitored and analysed using the M&T package to identify the energy & water savings. 

This task usually falls to the Energy Manager within the business, however, our energy experts have a vast amount of experience using a variety of monitoring and targeting software packages and so we can offer advice and guidance. 

Our energy experts can also help when it comes to choosing the right M&T package for your business and understanding how to get the most from it.

The Aim

  • Establish historic energy & water consumption patterns.

  • Compare current energy & water consumption with historical data/benchmarks.

  • Set future energy and water targets.

  • Compare actual energy and energy consumption with targets.

  • Identify trends in energy/water consumption.

The Benefits

  • Understanding usage patterns.

  • Identifying peak usage times.

  • Identifying high users or leaks.

  • Early identification of energy/Water wasting.

  • Supporting arguments for obtaining funding to introduce energy efficiency measures.

  • Keeping track of utility supplier data.

Finance Options Available

  • Green Guru NE is up to date with all latest funding.
  • We partner up with major banks to give you the lowest interest rates.
  • Government funding options are also avalible to help projects.
  • You don't have to use your own capital.
  • Enquire today to find out what is best for you.