Whitburn Golf Club


In Brief


1 x Windhager BioWin Excel 60kW

Fuel Type

Wood Pellett

System Specification

Biomass boilers supplying heat & hot water to the clubhouse including kitchen and showers


Potential of £6,900 per year for 20 years under the non-domestic RHI scheme

In Summary

Whitburn Golf Club’s new biomass wood pellet boiler will generate the Club a valuable additional income.Many businesses are unaware of the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which rewards businesses for installing renewable energy systems such as biomass boilers with generous payments for 20 years.

In Whitburn’s case they could receive around £6,900 a year for 20 years – a massive £138,700 – and that’s not taking account of inflation (payments are index linked).

Payback amounts vary depending on the heating needs of the club and size of boiler. Greenguru NE can specify the ideal system for your club and give a more accurate estimate of the payments your club could receive.

We have specialist renewable energy finance available, meaning a system could be installed with no up-front costs. Please ask for more details.